Saturday, 9 November 2013



Julia is playing in the sandpit.

Her daddy calls out, ‘Julia lunch time.’

Julia is hungry so she runs inside.

Lots of yummy sandwiches for lunch.

Daddy and mummy have tomato, lettuce, some meat and cheese.

Julia eats all her sandwiches.

‘Daddy can I have some of your cheese,’ says Julia.

‘No Julia.  It’s special cheese for big people,’ replies daddy.

Julia is sad. ‘‘But daddy you said I am big now.’

‘OK, Julia, just a little piece,’ says daddy.

Julia smells the cheese. ‘Daddy, please wash the cheese.’

Her daddy looks cross, ‘Did you drop it on the floor?’

‘No daddy it is smelly.’

Her daddy washes the cheese under the tap.

Julia looks at the cheese and says, ‘It’s wet now daddy.’

Her daddy dries the cheese on the tea towel.

Julia smells the cheese again. ‘It’s still smelly daddy.’

Julia’s daddy puts tomato sauce all over the cheese.

Julia eats the cheese and tomato sauce all up.

‘May I have some more cheese please daddy?’



AAAHRGGG.....That’s daddy.......swearing quietly under his breath.

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